ホメオパシーde更年期外来 ロータス ホメオパシーセンター

Lotus Homeopathy Center

owner 森本 千佳Chika Morimoto

☆Session menu
Homeopathy sessions

☆School course
Urumou Menopause
professional course: healing and homeopathy

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ソワンエステティック サンドリヨン

Soin Esthetic Cendrillon

owner 白水 裕子Yuko Shirouzu

☆Salon Menu

Silk Skin“Pururun Komachi” Body & Facial
Lavender Therapy Treatment,
Relaxation Lymphatic massage
Dantotsu ☆ Lymphatic diet

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心理と子育てのセラピールーム こころのまど

Cocoro no mado Psychology and Child-Rearing Therapy Room

owner 待鳥智美Tomomi Machidori


Psychology and parenting seminars
 (with various themes for women suffering from child rearing to mothers personal anxieties.)

Personal psychotherapy session
Retrieve Psychotherapy ® session

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アロマ&ヒーリング ネロリ

Aroma & Healing neroli

owner 矢田 文Fumi Yada

☆Salon menu
Rear Body Course
Aroma facial
Full body course
Aroma facial course

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Vitamin Heart

owner 小林 佳津子Kazuko Kobayashi

☆Salon menu

rejuvenating body care
Uplifting Facial
Full body body + Facial care

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Aroma healing

owner 広松ゆかYuka Hiromatsu

☆ School menu
Aroma Healing Experience Course
Aroma Healing Elementary Course
Training towards aroma healing qualifications course

☆ Seccion menu
How to enhance women's values Session (2 hours) 9800 yen

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エネルギーワークス ライフコーチング

Energy Works, Life coaching

owner 梶本 由美Yumi Kajimoto

☆Personal session

☆Company training session

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owner 高松 春后Haruko Takamatsu

☆Salon menu
Aroma Head Healing®
Aroma therapy treatment for facial and body

☆School course
Aroma Head Healing®
Aroma therapy

☆Fragrances for settings and spaces

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